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Leading the Renewable Energy Evolution!

When we started out in 2002, we believed that mankind was at the dawn of a new relationship with our planet and the environment... that the future had in store a new, different and smarter approach to the way we produce and consume energy…..and here we are today…..that future is NOW!! Over the years, we have continued to bring the latest innovations, products and services to the thinking consumer in an easy, affordable, and reliable manner; always adhering to the highest standards of quality, workmanship and professional ethics.

Our Motivation

Helping you deploy leading edge technology

At 3rd Rock Systems we are convinced that HYDROGEN, which is the most abundant element in the universe, an essential component of the ‘elixir of life’ itself on our planet, IS OUR ULTIMATE ‘FUEL’…..the creator seems to be pointing us in that direction by creating heat and light from Hydrogen at the center of our solar system. It’s interesting to note that an unlimited supply of Hydrogen is available to us, locked in the oceans in the form of water, intertwined with the other essential element of life…Oxygen! Yet another clue is the fact that when you release the energy packed in Hydrogen, it recombines with Oxygen, re-creating the molecule of water, with absolutely no pollution, AND without permanently consuming ANYTHING, making the process completely clean and completely sustainable….we would simply be borrowing from nature and then returning to nature the very elements that are essential to life itself! Everything we do today with Renewable Energy are just steps on our journey….and 3rd Rock Systems is here to facilitate, support, and perhaps accelerate that journey. We invite and welcome you to join us on this journey….

3rd Rock Vision

As a leading developer of renewable energy projects, we handle all aspects of these complex projects that include analysis, design, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, financing, monitoring and control, maintenance and operation on a completely 'Turn-Key' basis

We believe that Hydrogen will become the natural, infinite, and life sustaining fuel that will propel the world towards a future that is harmonious with nature and our universe. It is our endeavour to take you thru this exciting journey into the future.. Come join us !

Share your story with us w.r.t. your usage of electricity and we will look for opportunities that can not only make money for both our organizations, but also leave our children and grandchildren a cleaner, healthier, smarter planet than the one we inherited!

Our Skills


Why 3rd Rock ?

With several years of experience in Renewable Energy and a good understanding of the current evolution of the Electric Grid Infrastructure, we will be your partner in the bounty that these new emerging opportunities have to offer to those willing to take the lead, and etch a path for others to follow!

As a ‘turn-key’ developer of renewable energy projects, we handle all aspects of these complex projects that include analysis, design, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, financing, monitoring and control, maintenance and operation, etc.

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Our Projects

We serve School Districts, Community College Districts, Cities, Counties, Townships, Commercial and Institutional Clients...

Alpine Union School District

90kW Solar System with Passive Solar Trackers

Seabreaze Offices, Burlingame CA

153kW, Penetration Free, Roof Mounted Solar PV

Our Process

Let’s determine the potential and then Execute!

We start with a quick analysis of your electric bills….preferably a year’s worth, but at least going back 3 or 4 months. If it looks promising, we ask for (or help gather) detailed information from your utility company (such as the ’15 minute interval’ data). Simultaneously, we try to understand your usage thru a dialog with you and use that information to conduct detailed analysis that looks at various aspects of your electricity usage.

Based on this analysis, we determine your expected ‘savings’ as also the ‘earning potential’ of a solution that might include a combination of Energy Efficiency, Micro-Grid, Storage, Curtailment, Demand Response, Frequency Regulation, and/or participation in real-time trading of electricity.

Based on this information we prepare a detailed proposal that takes in to consideration any rebates and incentives that might be available thru federal, state, or local government programs, as also from your utility company.

We work with you to apply for and obtain funds from all available rebates, incentives, as also arrange financing from sources best suited to the nature of the proposed solution/s.

We then work with you to accomplish the actual execution of the project with the objective of delivering a complete working system that complies with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and processes as required by all applicable jurisdictions.

That usually marks the start of a long term relationship that includes various aspects such maintenance, monitoring, billing, collections, and reporting on the performance of the project/system.

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